Patricia Bertisch

My artwork is the result of a spontaneous process. I have always been fascinated by images I found everywhere; each stain on the wall would turn into a different picture, a different story. Making Art is a bridge and the way to connect with my inner self, looking to find the message to engage and bring to share with others. These images emerge from pure automatism and are expressed in many ways, from Surrealism to Abstract Expressionism, flowing as an emotional energy process but moving forward as a form of balance and rhythm, even sometimes poetry. My artistry is a practice that gives me a meditative experience and healing energy through creativity. Human figures always appear as a collective entity and have always been present in my paintings and printmaking, either Archaic or Contemporary, emerging through colors, textures, and symbols at their own spaces, climates as real 'Interior Landscapes' with 'Revealed Entities'. - email address :